Hello, we are the Shaws. The members of the family are:

Ken is the creator of this site and now a very happy retiree.
Gloria, is the lady of the household and a retired registered nurse.
Eric and Jana,  are physicians, practicing in upstate N.Y. They have three children.
Darren and his wife Erica, live in upstate NY. Darren is an attorney, Erica is a speech pathologist. They have two children.
Our Utica Home is where we spend the winters - New place for us as of June 2016
Our Summer Home is where the summers are spent at the place of our dreams, in the Adirondacks.
The Gallery contains a variety of pictures and videos.
The Family Ancestry has some interesting characters including both cowboys AND indians.
The Writings collection contains a few insightful words that we have found along the way.
The The Blog - Random thoughts that I found it necessary to write down.
A Collection of funny and insightful pictures.
The Book is a summary of my life in journal form compiled since 1988.
Links connects you to other sites that we have found useful
Our Email - Connection to our personal email login.
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