The information on our ancestry is available on public sites. The ancestry contains up to 24 generations going back to the year 1340 and includes ancestors primarily from Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Wales, France, and Ireland. There are even reports of an American Indian princess (according to my father and his sister). Listed below are some of the public sites with significant information.

Our Families Ancestry ( - Much of this information was collected by our mothers, with contributions from distant cousins Kathy Kinney and Kim Krumm. The older information was provided by a host of other individuals that have published their findings. I simply made the connections.

Desilva Story ( - This is an interesting story regarding how the Desilva family arrived from Portugal.

Picture list ( - List of miscellaneous pictures of family and ancestors.

Pictures ( - Link to our Google ancestors photo page.

Scanned Pictures ( - Pictures of family and ancestors on the Google site.

If you have information about the family you would like added to the ancestry, please send me an email.