Ancestry Picture Page

Here's a list of the ancestry pictures in the database. You can select any picture and return here by using the back button.

Shaw Family:

Rufus and Isabelle Durling Shaw
Charles Albert Shaw and Family
John Shaw at various ages with father and Pauline
John F. Shaw and Family 1947

Sprague/Strait Family:

The Sprague Family including the Moores and Anne Phelps
Edward Sprague
The Sprague Sisters abt 1910
Anna Strait and the Strait children abt 1935
Pauline E. Strait at various ages with family and friends
Clark and Mary Strait Amberville NY Pre 1939

Gorgon(e) Family:

George and Rosalie
George's birth certificate in English
George's emigration paper in English

Rizzo Family:

The Rizzo Family

Tin Type photographs from the Moore family:

Charles Moore and Ed Sprague at Moore Farm 1917
Celia Gray Moore and children 1885
Ed Sprague about 1880
Edwin and Grace Moore abt 1881
Ethel Sprage at 3 Months 1881
Etta and Ella Moore 1885
Hobart Moore 1887
Hobart Moore with wife Agnes and child
The Moore Children 1882
William Moore and wife Carrie and Children 1895