I'm Gloria. After raising two sons and giving to the community (ie PTA pres. etc.), I decided to return to college and fulfill a long time dream to become a nurse. I graduated first in my class and am now a registered professional nurse. I recently retired from working part-time in the Student Health Center of two local private colleges.

I have many interests, but first and foremost, I love my family and enjoy taking care of them. I'm of Italian decent and have a strong sense of family and commitment. Our summer home is a great place to gather everyone together for many fun-filled times. I enjoy being in, on or near the water and watching beautiful sunsets from our deck.

My other interests now include my grandchildren, reading, cooking, gardening, good health and exercise, alternative medicine, dining out, dancing, traveling and summer outdoor activities. I have a profound love of animals, especially dogs and am a strong supporter of animal protection A cause I have become more involved with since my retirement. I want to use my skills and talents to be creative in something I believe is meaningful and worthwhile.

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