What I'm about to say is a generalization; there are many exceptions, but by and large, the truth is obvious.

Over the years, I have become more and more convinced that women are superior to men. They are not physically stronger than men, but they excel in just about every other way. Mostly, they are more socialized than men and have a more mature viewpoint of how people should and do interact. Men on the other hand, seem to focus on activities using strength and power, like sports to communicate.

Oh, there are men out there that can communicate rationally about other subjects, but they are sometimes hard to find.

Woman are less racist than men and more willing to accept variations in people's backgrounds, colors and personalities. Men, as a rule, respect jocks, period. I'm not sure why this is the way it is. Maybe because women being the weaker sex physically has required them to develop different mythologies to succeed in their quests. Don't get me wrong, woman can use these techniques in a counter-productive way, but generally, they use their talents for good, rather than bad.

I thought when Obama became president, that would be the end of racism. I was wrong; it just exaggerated racism with some men. I thought maybe the last bastion of male dominance would be finally put to rest with a woman president. All I can say is that Trump is the probable result of the white male mentality. Hopefully not the epitome of what we are.

I would like to see the congress made up of 50% women and people of all creeds and colors in reasonable proportions to the actual population of the U.S. To me that is representation of the people. I see that happening slowly. It's about time. I can also see the demise of the male sports mentality. As we men finally develop our critical thinking abilities, rather than our focus on physical strength, maybe we can overcome our differences and finally approach the world rationally together.