Electoral College

The trump campaign was very smart by focusing on the electoral college rather than the popular vote. One thing it proved is that having most of the popular vote doesnít necessarily win the election.

The electoral college gets very complicated in part because each state can establish their own rules regarding how their votes are applied to the electoral college total. Most states apply their votes in a winner-take-all method according to the popular vote. This may seem fair, but it takes electoral college votes from the other candidates and in effect corrupts the popular vote. Thatís why Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes and still won the election.

The members of the college are selected by party, approximately in the same proportion as the congressional members. Therein lies the other aspect of the basic problem. Gerrymandering is the division of the state into congressional districts with the intent of maximizing the controlling partiesí representation in congress and thereby the members of the electoral college.

So, in summary the congress and governors have managed to corrupt the integrity of the voting system. The electoral college is no longer an appropriate method of choosing a president. Time to amend the constitution and let the electorate elect.